Meet our Wellbeing Team

Lou McCloskey

Faithfull Campus - Year 7-12

My role within the Wellbeing Team is to support and engage with students in Year 7, 8 and 9.

I work together with students and their families to address any events and issues that affect health, wellbeing and school life.

When appropriate I refer to other professional services for additional support and advice.

My passion is promoting diversity and inclusion within the school community. I facilitate the Us Pride and Us Mob student groups.

Meagan Stratford

Mental Health Practitioner

My role at the school is as a Mental Health Practitioner. I support the students at our Faithful Street Campus.  I support individual students, groups of students and support the school on whole school mental health programs. I am part time, so you will find me on campus every Thursday and Friday and every second Wednesday.

Where appropriate I refer to external services for additional support and advice.

My passion is for all students to feel welcome and to get the most out of their schooling.

Bron Greig

Waller Campus

My position in the Student Wellbeing Team is designed to enhance the capacity of the Waller St Campus from Foundation through to Year 4, develop a positive school culture, support our students and the needs of our families.  This can be done by providing support and information through referrals to outside agencies and small group work.  I also provide individual support in areas of greif and loss, friendships, anger management, social skills and behavioural concerns.

Scott Greig

Avon & Clarke Campuses

My role in the Student Wellbeing team for the Avon & Clarke Street Campus is to support your child in various ways, for example, school attendance, uniforms, social skills, anxiety, friendships, anger management, grief and loss, separation, bullying, self-esteem, divorce etc.

I can also assist parents and carers with information, referrals and support.