School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Benalla P-12 College is a Positive Behaviour Support School. Positive Behaviour Support is a framework that concentrates on teaching explicitly the behaviours we expect of students and then rewarding students when they demonstrate these desired behaviours.

Our expected behaviours at Benalla P 12 College are based on our four values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and High Expectations. We have developed matrixes of expected behaviours for the school in relation to these values. These behaviours are for both staff and students.

Rewards for students demonstrating the correct behaviours include verbal praise; positive postcards mailed home and raffle tickets. These raffle tickets are drawn during assemblies and students receive various prizes. Each raffle ticket also gains the student a house point.

As part of the Positive Behaviour Program data is collected on all behavioural issues. This data is used to ensure we are targeting our explicit teaching of required behaviours in the appropriate areas of need.

Overall Positive Behaviour Support is about:

  • Establishing and teaching clear expectations for all students in all settings.
  • Establishing and teaching clear expectations for all staff.
  • Modelling and rewarding these expectations.
  • Helping schools, staff, families and community members understand and support the diversity of students, including those students with the most intense support needs.
  • Understanding the physical and social contexts of behaviour.
  • Using data to guide decisions regarding change.

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework helps create a positive school culture where the emphasis is on rewarding the correct behaviour rather than punitive measures for students not demonstrating our school values.