Students with Disabilities and Additional Needs

Sue Hoysted

Student Inclusion Coordinator

Benalla P-12 College is committed to inclusive practices that support all children and young people, including those with disabilities and special needs. Every child deserves a great education to reach their full potential, and our passionate, dedicated and experienced staff is committed to providing a safe, secure, supportive and engaging environment for students with various disabilities across all year levels.

Student Support Groups meet regularly to determine programs and resources to support each students’ individual needs and to develop Individual Learning Plans. The College has a number of Education Support staff, the Student Inclusion Coordinator and Wellbeing staff to support these students and offer a range of programs such as speech therapy, life skills, fine motor activities and social skills to cater for individual needs. Speech and occupational therapists are also employed by the College to conduct assessments, to complete student observations, provide individual and small group therapy and advice to Student Support Groups.

In Foundation, all students are screened by the speech pathologist and targeted intervention is provided for students in need.

Some students receive therapy from private providers under the NDIS and the school liaises with family and therapists to achieve the best outcomes for these students.

Staff complete professional learning opportunities to support our students with additional needs. A number of staff have completed additional study in the area of autism.

For further information regarding our PSD program or the individual needs of your child please contact your Campus Principal or the Student Inclusion Coordinator.