Early Years (F-4)



Numeracy in the Early Years

Students in the early years, actively engage in five, one hour, numeracy sessions each week. There is a strong emphasis on concrete materials and drawing pictures to develop links between their immediate environment, everyday language and mathematical activity. As students are ready, they begin using mathematical symbols and language as well as materials and drawings in their mathematical explorations of daily life. Students are assessed in the first few weeks of term, so that teachers know each students understanding in all areas of the maths curriculum and then can provide rich, differentiated tasks for various groups in their class. All students know exactly what the learning intention of each lesson is and how they can achieve this.

EMU Extending Mathematical Understanding

The program offers intensive learning opportunities for students who are experiencing difficulty in learning mathematics in the early years. Students work intensively with a teacher five days a week to target areas of weakness. At Benalla P-12 College we have a whole school approach to improving learning and teaching for all.